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  • Which cold-drawn square steel is of good quality

    Which cold-drawn square steel is of good quality? Welcome to Guanghui Metal! ! Cold-drawn square steel is a steel with various cross-sectional shapes and sizes that are processed by cold-drawing. Cold

  • Cold drawn flat steel production process

    Cold drawn flat steel specifications: 3*20mm---50*150mm Material: 45#, A3, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20Crmo, 40 Crmo, 20Mn2A, 42Crmo, 20Mnsi, 35Crmo, HG3, Q215, Q235, B16, 25Cr2mova, 60Si2MnA, 55CrsiA, 16mn, 40mn,

  • Quality policy of cold drawn steel manufacturers

    Quality policy of cold drawn steel mills: Customer satisfaction, quality first, competition is eternal, and management is the backing. Quality goals: The pass rate of finished products for one-time d