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Our vision : To become a pioneer in the cold-drawn industry,Guanghui Metal has an experienced management team and good customer reputation, and is excellent in the same industry. It is always responsible for its employees and the society. Make great achievements down-to-earth.
Our mission : to create value for customers and realize dreams for employees.
Running a business is the same as being a human being. When the focus is on the customer, everything we do is based on the interests of the customer. When the focus is on the employee, everything is for the employee and everything for the employee. In the Guanghui family, only customers and employees feel happy and in harmony, will they continue to improve the social and economic benefits of the company.

Our core values : sincerity, gratitude, responsibility, innovation, happiness, honor 
Sincerity : treat yourself sincerely, treat others sincerely, be
grateful : face the people and things around us with a grateful attitude
Responsibility : sense of responsibility "; Responsibility is "ability"; responsible behavior is "true performance"; responsibility system is "achievable"; responsibility achievement is "achievement."
Innovation : Innovation is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and innovation promotes progress. More innovation leads to more progress. It is an inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of an enterprise.
Happiness : work happily, live happily.
Honor : Let every Guanghui person live with more dignity.

Our tenet : Want market from quality and benefit from management.
"Quality First" is an eternal truth, and grasping quality means grasping customers. If you want to win by quality, management must keep up. To implement a comprehensive improvement of management skills and eliminate shortcomings in the enterprise, you must grasp both quality and management, and both must be hard.

Our spirit : Honesty is based, innovation and far-  
reaching. Honesty is opened up: You are sincere to others. People can trust, people can't stand without credibility, and business can't reach without credibility. Honesty is character and responsibility. It is the foundation for the everlasting enterprise. The enterprise has only honesty. In order to develop for a long time. Another prerequisite for development in the fierce market competition is innovation. Only by constantly surpassing the value needs of customers can the company achieve sustained and stable development.