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Cold drawn flat steel production process


Cold drawn flat steel specifications: 3*20mm---50*150mm

Material: 45#, A3, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20Crmo, 40 Crmo, 20Mn2A, 42Crmo, 20Mnsi, 35Crmo, HG3, Q215, Q235, B16, 25Cr2mova, 60Si2MnA, 55CrsiA, 16mn, 40mn, etc., can be customized.

The flat steel can be made into finished steel, or it can be used as a billet for welded pipe or a thin slab for stacked thin plates.

Main application: Flat steel can be used as finished material to make hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, and  house frame structural parts and escalators in construction.



Process flow:



Original billet mobilization----Acceptance----Warehousing----Picking----Rolling head----Pickling or shot blasting ----Soapification---Cold-drawing ---Flattening ---Packaging---Weighing and marking----Inspection---Finished product warehousing



The spring flat steel is made by converter smelting process. Comparing with the prior art, it has the advantages and positive effects as follow:


1.Flat steel smelting in a converter mainly uses molten iron with fewer harmful elements as raw material,so the quality of the flat steel produced is guaranteed.
2.Due to the high yield and low power consumption, the cost per ton is lower than that of electric furnaces.
3.The molten steel is directly cast into billets, which eliminates the billeting process and reduces the cost.
4.The continuous casting billet has a high cut-to-length rate, which can guarantee the flat-steel cut-to-length rate and meet the needs of users.