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Cold-pull special-type steel

Place of origin: China
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  • Specification of cold-drawn special-shaped steelnone

    Material:45#, A3, 20CR, 40CR, 20CRMO, 40CRMO, 20MN2A, 42CRMO, 20MNSI, 35CRMO, HG3, Q215, Q235, B16, 25CR2MOVA, 60SI2MNA, 55CRSIA, 16MN, 40MN, etc. , and it can be customized.

    Special-shaped steel is the abbreviation of complex and special-shaped section steel, which belongs to a kind of section steel, and is different from the name of simple section steel. According to different processes, it can be divided into hot-rolled special-shaped steel, cold-drawn (cold-drawn) special-shaped steel, cold-formed special-shaped steel, welded special-shaped steel, etc. Usually special-shaped steel refers to hot-rolled special-shaped steel. Hot-rolled special-shaped steel distinguishes square steel, round steel, flat steel and common shapes.


    Because of the particularity and singularity of the use of special-shaped steel, the accuracy requirements are often higher than that of simple-section steel, which has higher requirements on the capabilities of the equipment. Because of its complex cross-section shape, especially special-shaped steel for many specific occasions, there is even little experience to learn from, which makes the pass design and production more difficult than simple cross-section steel. Therefore, the production cost of profiled steel is higher than that of simple section steel. Because of the large difference in shape and size of special-shaped steel, many of them are dedicated to a certain industry or specific occasions, so the market demand for a single variety is often not very large. Therefore, the scale of the profiled steel production system is often not very large.

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